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Celebrating 25 Years in a Beautiful Home

On the 12th October 2017, Ruthin library will celebrate a significant move of location just 25 years ago. Up until October 1992 the library services for Ruthin were dispensed from portakabins in the courtyard of the erstwhile old Ruthin gaol at 46 Clwyd Street. What could there not be to celebrate in a move from such an inappropriate location to the splendour of its current home in Record Street? Finding a suitable use for the old courthouse was very necessary. By their nature, law enforcing premises have always been splendid, imposing buildings. What better use could be found for it than a move from the incarceration of library? It would signify as move from the incarceration of miscreants to the enlightenments through knowledge, of the citizens of the town. This might sound a little high-flown, but today some of the most regular visitors the Ruthin's library these days, besides those wishing to extend their knowledge through reading, are people needing help in accessing through the internet educational needs, job and career opportunities, local authority information and opportunities to broaden and enhance their lives. Reading is still the primary service of our library. Even today, with more people reading books on Kindle for recreational leisure, there is a constant daily flow of books in and out over the counters of Ruthln Iibrary. It was a pleasure to meet with Carys one afternoon to hear how the last 25 and more years have been for her as our only local librarian to have worked here continuously over this period. It was also a pleasure to hear that those employed in Ruthin library derive much pleasure from working in such a pleasant environment and being able to help so many of our citizens in their daily lives. Although Carys was able to tell me of the many changes that had transpired over this period, it
is even more surprising how much of the original objectives our library are still the same today as they were 25 years ago. In the early days back in the portakabins this had been the headquarters of the Glyndŵr area library service. The later move from Clwyd to Denbighshire, that involved the taking over of a substantial financial deficit from Rhuddlan Borough Council, mean that money was lacking for new books for a period. More recent changes, with so many services having to be accessed on-line, are a mixed blessing. Development plans on hard- copies that used to be available to view in the upper floors of the library now can only be seen in Ruthin via the internet. On the other hand researching documents and educational tracts rather than ordering the necessary books can be quickly printed off and passed on the enquirer. Ystafell Hafina dedicated to the memos of ex- chair of the Ruthin and District Civic Association, Hafina Clwyd, Is being ever more used for meetings, discussion groups and lectures. It Is not surprising thatches lovely room centrally located and adjacent to a public car park is so popular. And while making reference to Hafina lf is good to see that Ruthin library is much dedicated to encouraging the use of the Welsh language, something that she sought to promote throughout her life. The children's section is today busier and busier, Through the summer various projects to get children reading both in English and Welsh are part of the library programme. In the old days libraries were places where a sepulchral silence was expected to be observed: today you will frequently hear a squeak of delight from the children as they are excited by the unfolding of their story. We wish Retain library a very happy 25th anniversary and look forward to their celebrating a golden anniversary in 2042.         
In September 2017, our branch librarian told MILES ANDERSON of developments